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7 Secrets for selling your home fast

1. Curb appeal –

No matter how stunning the inside of our home is, potential buyers have already pre-judged your home before they even walk inside. So it’s important to make a good first impression and paint a picture of a happy lifestyle. Remember, you are selling a lifestyle, not just 4 walls and a roof. This means a fresh coat of paint and some bright colored flowers will go a long way, and studies show that there is typically a 100 % return on investment for these types of curbside home improvements.

2. Depersonalize –

While many people think personal effects make a home desirable, studies show that is not the case. Personal stuff makes it difficult for your buyers to visualize living there. Think blank canvas where your buyers can imagine all the things they would change to make it their own. Also, if budget permits, you may want to think of hiring a stager, as they are experts on how to arrange your home in the best possible way.

3. Lights, camera, action! –

Good light in a home is something that is very sought after when buying a home. So it’s important to accentuate that quality of light by opening all the shades, cleaning the windows, putting in high wattage bulbs and making sure all the lights are turned on for showings.

4. Hide your cute and cuddliest –

Pets are adorable and they truly become a member of the family, but not everyone is a pet lover. I know… it’s shocking! Piggybacking on the concept of keeping things clean and minimalistic when staging, if you can, it’s ideal to hide all signs of your beloved critters. Have your friendly neighbor take the cat for the afternoon, vacuum up all the hair, and clean and store his smelly litter box. Pets can sometimes give off the impression that your home is not clean so it’s important to put your best foot forward.

5. Half empty closets –

Buyers always crave and appreciate extra storage space, so it’s beneficial to create the illusion of extra space. A trick of the trade is to take half the stuff out of your closet and neaten up what’s left. It will give them the impression that there is lots of room for their stuff, which is a major selling point.

6. Kitchen is king –

The kitchen is the most important room of your house and the place to use your renovation budget wisely. Studies show that a kitchen renovation done right can get you an 85% return on investment. So where do you begin? Well, painting and cabinetry make a big difference and won’t break the bank. And if you have some extra money in the budget, buy a stainless steel appliance that will give off the impression that the rest of the appliances are fancy too. Or a slab of granite is sure to impress if your budget has room.

7. Always be showing –

You can do everything else by the book, but if you’re not flexible with when you show the home, you won’t reach all the potential buyers you want. Your home needs to always be ready to show. This means keeping the home clean and tidy at all times and welcoming anyone who wants to see the home. They could be your buyer!