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8 thrifty tips to help you save on your winter heating bill

It’s often tempting to jack up the thermostat to stay cozy as the cold weather rolls in. But if you’re looking to save some money and be a little more eco-friendly we have some tips that will help.

1. Get your furnace serviced / replaced –

Spend a little money now to save in the long run. You can use a calculator ( to find out your potential energy savings from repairing or replacing your old inefficient furnace.

2. Heat yourself first and then your home –

Jacking the temperature so you can wander around barefoot and pretend you’re at the beach is not very wise. Try to bundle up first, wearing socks and slippers, and then adjust your thermostat if you still find it cold.

3. Install weather stripping –

Nip chilly drafts in the bud by installing weather stripping at the bottom of doors. Make sure to carefully choose the right types of products for each location.

4. Close off any unused rooms –

Why spend money and use all that extra energy to heat rooms that you rarely ever use? Close doors and keep the heat in the areas you need it most.

5. Close the curtains or blinds –

Surprisingly, closing the blinds at night can make a big difference. Let all the sunlight and warmth soak in during the day and then close the blinds at night to lock in as much warmth as possible.

6. Turn the temperature down when you don’t need it –

This could be when you go out to work during the day or at night when you’re bundled up under your covers.

7. Consider natural gas –

Natural gas costs less than electric and produces 50% less carbon dioxide emissions. No brainer.

8. Leave the oven open –

Bet you never thought of this one! After your Sunday roast or baking cookies, leave the oven door open to take full advantage of the extra heat.