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Preparing your Home

Curb Appeal

First impressions can make a huge difference in the sale of your property. Ensure that your house exterior is in good condition, that the house number is easy to see from the street and the front porch is clean and tidy.

Exterior Maintenance

Make sure that the front windows and doors, and eavestroughs are in good repair. The front landscaping should be attractive with hedges trimmed and the lawn cut and raked. Decks and patios should be cleared of leaves and debris. Use colourful plants or flowers, especially in the front. In winter, snow and ice must be cleared; and walkways sanded or salted for safety.

Interior Repairs

Making minor repairs can help show your property at it’s best. Repair any cracks or holes in the walls, and touch up chipped paint. Neutral paint colours for walls are generally preferred by buyers. Other items to check for repair include door knobs, cupboard latches, leaky taps, cracked tiles, burned out light bulbs and squeeky doors.

Keep Things Clean

Before selling, give your property a deep clean and keep carpets freshly vacuumed and hardwood gleaming. The hall and stairs should be cleared of clutter and all closets neat and tidy. Dust throughout the home regularly.


Mirrors, fixtures and taps should be kept cleaned and polished, the floors kept clean and waste containers emptied. Don’t forget the inside of the cupboards and cabinets as well, keep those clean and tidy. Keep the counter completely free of clutter and decorate with some clean matching towels.


Keep sinks, taps, and appliances cleaned and polished. Countertops should be cleaned and all small appliances should be put out of sight. Clean up as much clutter as possible, but remember to keep the inside of the cupboards and cabinets cleaned and tidy as well!

Depersonalize Your Property

Help the buyer imagine the property as their home. This means removing personal items like family photos and keepsakes.

Creating a Buying Atmosphere

Create a pleasant home to tour: All lights should be turned on and drapes/blinds opened. Keep a comfortable temperature in all seasons – if you have a gas fireplace, consider turning it on in cold weather. All pets should be out of the way or out of the house if possible. Ensure your home smells pleasant and play some soft background music.

Be Showing-Ready

You don’t want to be scrambling every time your property is shown last minute. Make selling your home easier by keeping it showing-ready with the dishes done, laundry put away and beds made.

What’s your property worth?