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Pricing your Home

Your REALTOR® does not determine what your property is worth, the market determines the value based on analysis that your realtor will do for you comparing solds, competition, trends and economic conditions. Together we determine the price.

Market Value Is the highest price a property will bring if exposed for sale on the open market allowing a reasonable time to find a purchaser who buys with the knowledge of all the uses to which it is adapted and for which it is capable of being used.

Properly Pricing A realistic and competitive price will attract a greater number of potential buyers and increases your chances for a quick sale and a better price. Pricing your property closer to market value also encourages early activity (within 30 days of a listing being posted).

Results of Overpricing Properties can lose marketability and push the price down. The price may come down gradually but the initial response and enthusiasm may be lost. In decreasing markets you may also follow the market down as you reduce. High price homes are also not being exposed to the right buyers. You may hear response such as “it’s too small”. Translated – the buyer was expecting more for the price.

Role of the REALTOR® The REALTOR® does not determine what your home is worth. The market determines value (solds, competition, trends and economic conditions). Together we determine the price. Don’t pick a REALTOR® who promises you the highest price to get you to list with them. Pick the one who knows the market and substantiates the price.

What’s your property worth?