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Your front door says more than you might think

It’s always important to consider which home improvements might have a positive effect on the value of your home. But some aspects of your home go way beyond it’s resale value, and effect peoples buying decisions subconsciously without them even knowing it’s an influencing factor. Did you know that the color you paint your front door says a lot about the type of person you are and sends a message about your home? Well you may be surprised about the message your sending to potential home buyers. This is what psychologist’s say the various colors portray.

Red door –

According to Chinese Feng Shui principles, red conveys a welcoming message and sets the expectation that your home is vibrant and exciting.

Green door –

Conveys that your home is a place of health, peacefulness, and balance, which are all very positive things to portray.

Blue door –

Conveys that your home is a calm and relaxing refuge. A lighter blue give off a more playful and friendly vibe, whereas a darker blue can signal a desire for privacy.

Yellow door –

Conveys intelligence, clarity, confidence and a sense of humor. This is the color an outgoing social butterfly paints their door and they will always have curious neighbors coming by to find out more about them.

Black door –

Conveys power, sophistication and authority. The person who paints their door black is a self assured dominant individual.

Brown door –

A light brown conveys warmth and stability, while a darker brown could convey a need for privacy or isolation.

White door –

Historically speaking white conveys purity, virtue and values.

It’s very interesting to consider what your current paint color says about you as a person, but more importantly, if your selling your home, what message are you sending to potential buyers? Make sure you are sending the message you want to your target market. If you have a cute townhome near the entertainment district perhaps yellow is the perfect color to showcase your hip and playful home. However, if your selling a multimillion dollar home in Rosedale, maybe a black door will attract that sophisticated and saavy business man looking for his dream home. They might never know what really attracted them to the home in the first place, but you might have some ideas.